Connect with your community, daily.

Technology-driven solutions for a version of the church that is both physical and digital. Not a hybrid version, but an integrated one.

An overlapping phone, TV, and laptop all displaying the same video content of a church's sermon.
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The Apollos Platform

Building the integrated church.

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Build a strong online presence to attract new attendees.
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TV Apps
Never miss a weekend with live streaming and curated libraries.
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Mobile App
Engage your community seven days a week.
Experience Apollos
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Attract new attendees

Reach a wider audience and increase your online presence through an SEO-driven approach.

A laptop mockup showing a web browser opened to home page that has been designed by Apollos. There is a search bar at the center top of page that says "find anything" inside of it. Below is an embedded video of the lead pastor for the church's latest series.  To the left of the embedded video is a title that says "you matter." with subtext and a button that says "What it's like at cedarCreek"A laptop mockup with a web browser open to The featured section being a horizontal list of cards with a title being "what's happening at CedarCreek" The cards contain events going on at the church including "Second Saturday Serves" "serve day" "21 days of prayer" and "growth track." Laptop mockup image featuring a low fidelity titled "SEO checklist" with the description of "Your guide to increasing organic traffic to your website and ranking higher in search results. Below are 3 columns of checklists titled "technical SEO," "web presence" and "content" each with vertically listed grey-d out line items next to checked or X'd boxes.

Engage first-time visitors

Help your users find exactly what they need online through strategic user journeys.

Provide a powerful user experience

Share rich content through built-in features like video streaming, groups, and events while fully integrating with your ChMS.

Optimize for search engines

Increase website traffic and search result ranking through a strategic SEO approach.


Turn numbers into names

Connect daily through premium online church experiences across tvOS, Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku.

Offer personalized TV with login

A personalized viewing experience with smart watch lists, live streaming and a curated library of videos.

Continue watching across devices

The fully integrated experience allows users to pick up directly where they left off on videos across devices.

Gather reliable data

Understand how users are watching and engaging with the video content.

TV mockup image with a paused video of a man on stage with a microphone and the video timeline selected and a thumbnail of the selected frame above the timeline scrubber. A tv mockup image and an overlapping iphone mockup image in front of it right aligned. The TV image shows a video details page from the apollos TV app with the title of the video "of faith and firsts," date, time, progress bar, and description as well as a green button that says "Continue Watching." The iphone has the apollos app playing the same video that is shown on the TV screen with the video player, title, description and resource links. A tv mockup image of the Apollos TV app. Featuring a video titled "the heart of worship" and a background image of a man and other band members behind him singing on a stage. Below the video title is a short description and a button that says "watch now."  Below the featured video that takes up most of the screen is a cutoff horizontal card list titled "latest sermons" above the cards.
Mobile App

Engage your community daily

Power highly dynamic, personalized experiences that inspire people to connect every day of the week.

 an iphone mockup of the "for you" tab of the Apollos mobile app. A horizontal list of circle profile pictures at the top of the screen, the user's profile picture circle being first in that list to the very left. Beneath the user's circle profile is "add prayer" with a green plus sign button. Beneath is a horizontal list titled "Your Milestones" showing 1 and a half cards with image, heading, and descriptions. The first card in the list is titled "get baptized" and has a "completed" tag in the top right of the card image which is a photo of 3 men during a baptism. The second card is cut off but is titled "join a serve team" with an image of a woman doing service at a food bank.  Beneath is a title that says "For You" with a card below (cut off by the app navigation bar) with a thumbnail of church's video content titled "Check your heart"An iphone mockup with the apollos app on the "daily" tab. There is a progress indicator at the top of the screen showing the days of the week and either a checkmark or gray circle and the current day of thursday being highlighted in light green. There is a green card below that that says "the daily - boost your daily habits today." and a white button with a play icon and "start" inside of it. Below the green card is a title that says "today" and then a timeline checklist that has cards at each step. The top card says "Practice gratitude - what else are you grateful for?" with a green arrow pointing to the right and below that text there are 4 overlapping small profile avatars in a horizontal list with text to the right of them that says "see what others are saying"An iphone mockup image showing a prayer in the process of being posted to the community feed.  There is an avatar and name of the user above the typed prayer and a toggle turned on to the right of text that says "community prayer - show prayer on the community feed." There is a green "share" text link at the top right of the app screen.
Mobile App

Engage your community daily

Power highly dynamic, personalized experiences that inspire people to connect every day of the week.

Create digital discipleship journeys

The right next step, for the right person, at the right time with personalized content for every journey.

Build daily spiritual habits

Stay engaged all week with God and community through Gratitude, Prayer, and Scripture.

Connect through community

Provide a dedicated place to pray, celebrate, and grow closer with God and each other.