The Apollos Project

Our Mission

To connect the world to God and each other through meaningful community.
Our Story

Apollos started as a vision from a handful of churches:

Can we work together and share resources, learnings, and more in order to create a better digital experience? Today, Apollos is a self-sustaining initiative focused on working closely with our church partners everywhere in creating a better digital future for The Church.

Apollos develops digital products that make connecting with God and church a daily habit. We are passionate about helping organizations best engage with their communities to create meaningful growth every day of the week. With Apollos tools and resources, our partners can better serve their communities online and off.

Since 2017, we have partnered with over 30 churches and ministries to strengthen their digital strategies and products. We are proud to equip churches with technology-driven resources to connect communities, explore digital discipleship, and spread the word of God.
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"So grateful Grace Community Church created this app as a way for us members to stay connected with our church. The resources are there, from submitting your Sunday 'registration card' to a way to give to the Lord’s work, to accessing past sermons and weekly videos."
Grace Community Church
"This is an INCREDIBLE app. Helps you engage with God and other believers in an incredibly relational way. Life feels like it’s been kicking me down for a while now, but on my worst days I have gotten a notification from the app saying that someone - sometimes a friend, stranger, or coworker - has thought of me and said a prayer. Can’t describe how encouraging that has been to me."
Crossroads Church
"I love the personalization, SOAP integration and updates from Pastor Rob. I also love that I can pray for my fellow church members as well as have them pray for me."
River Valley Church
"This app is literally the greatest thing ever created."
City First Church
"This app has so far been very helpful in keeping me connected to my church. It allows me to see all the upcoming events, watch the service, as well as use a built in bible."
Willow Creek Church
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Meet The Team

We’re a team of dedicated developers, designers, and product leaders working to build high quality products that create real impact.
Austin Smith
Director of Partnerships
Conrad VanLandingham
Managing Partner
Hunter Neil
Account Manager
Matthew Terry
Growth Specialist
Nevin DeCroo
Growth Strategy Specialist
Meet the rest of the team at Differential.
Who We are

A Digital Products Company

Differential is the Digital Products Company behind The Apollos Project. We’re a team of dedicated developers, designers, and product leaders working to build high-quality products that create real impact.

We've helped the fastest-growing churches in America rapidly unlock value through digital products that connect people and build community.
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Lead with collaboration and strategy
Apollos started as a joint-effort between a few influential churches to further digital strategy for The Church. We continue to focus our efforts on understanding the best strategies to help churches grow.