Top 10 Content Examples to Inspire Your Church’s Digital Strategy

Finding relevant and engaging digital content for your church community is crucial for its growth and spiritual development.
Lauren Ralston

In the digital age, finding relevant and engaging digital content for your church community is crucial for its growth and spiritual development. We looked at our Apollos church partners to identify the top 10 interacted-with content pieces and website pages to inspire your church’s digital strategy. From daily habits to inspiring sermons and livestream services, these resources will enrich your church's content. Let's explore the top 10 content pieces based on online engagement.

Top 10 Digital Content Examples from Apollos Partners

  1. Bible in a Year (Daily Habits) - NewSpring Church: NewSpring’s Bible in a Year daily habits track encourages their members to embark on a transformative journey through the Bible. This comprehensive reading plan takes participants through the entire Bible, allowing them to deepen their understanding of God's Word and develop a consistent habit of studying Scripture.
  2. Sunday Livestream - Celebration Church: Celebration Church brings the experience of vibrant worship and empowering messages directly to their church community with livestream services. Discover how their team fosters a sense of unity and spiritual growth among their members through this immersive digital experience.
  3. Online Giving - Celebration Church: Celebration Church simplifies the giving process and empowers their community to support the church's mission with their online giving platform. By providing a convenient and secure method for financial contributions, it enables members to be active participants in advancing God's kingdom through their faithful giving.
  4. New Testament in a Year (Daily Habits) - NewSpring Church: NewSpring's "New Testament in a Year" daily habits track is a focused reading plan that guides individuals through the teachings of Jesus, the early church, and the epistles, providing a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. It encourages their members to embark on a journey to strengthen their biblical knowledge and spiritual foundation.
  5. Royalty (Sermon Series) - Fellowship Greenville: Fellowship Greenville’s empowering sermon series, "Royalty", delves into the biblical truth of our identity as children of God and co-heirs with Christ. By understanding the depth of their worth and purpose, their members can live victoriously and impact their spheres of influence.
  6. Beyond the Sun (Sermon Series) - NewSpring Church: This sermon series embarks on a thought-provoking exploration of life's purpose. Drawing from the book of Ecclesiastes, this series provides profound insights into finding fulfillment and meaning in God alone. This series equips NewSpring’s members with the wisdom to navigate the complexities of life and experience lasting satisfaction.
  7. Sunday Funday! (Livestream) - City First Church: City First Church’s "Sunday Funday!" livestream service brings dynamic worship and engaging teachings to their members digitally. No matter where their members are, they can be part of the vibrant community to encounter God and grow together.
  8. Hope Launches Courage (Sermon) - Fairhaven Church: Fairhaven’s "Hope Launches Courage" sermon is a powerful message that explores the transformative power of hope and how it empowers believers to walk in courage, even in the face of challenges. It equips their church members with the confidence and faith to overcome obstacles and live victoriously.
  9. “Rooted” Campaign - Willow Creek Community Church: "Rooted" is Willow Creek’s transformative 10-week discipleship experience designed to strengthen member’s foundation in the Christian faith. Throughout this journey, members delve into foundational Christian beliefs, explore inspiring stories from the global church, and embrace spiritual rhythms for daily life that extend far beyond the program.
  10. Woodmen U (Class and Training Overview Page) - Woodmen Valley Chapel: Woodmen Valley Chapel provides their community with rich opportunities for growth through their Woodmen U program. This comprehensive platform offers a variety of classes and training resources to help individuals mature in their faith, develop essential skills, and discover their unique calling within the church.

I hope these examples are helpful to your church as you build out your digital strategy. Whether it's through daily reading plans, inspiring sermons, virtual services, engaging livestreams, or convenient online giving platforms, these diverse resources empower church communities to embark on a transformative journey.

Please reach out to our team if you’re interested in learning more about growing your digital church. We’d love to connect!

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