Apollos Announces New Partner Integration with Sardius Media

The latest Apollos integration with Sardius Media makes it easier than ever to do online church.
The Apollos Project

Apollos is proud to announce a new partner integration with Sardius Media, a trusted provider of online video solutions for large events and the ongoing video delivery needs of mid to large-scale organizations. Sardius Media embraces the mission of Apollos to develop technology-driven resources to connect communities and drive transformational outcomes for joint church partners.

How to Leverage the Sardius Media Integration

The Sardius Media integration is a powerful addition to the Apollos platform that allows churches to enhance their online presence. Churches can leverage this integration to streamline their media operations, provide a seamless viewing experience, and gain valuable insights into their audience.

Streamline Media Operations

The Sardius calendar integration allows churches to manage all their events and livestreams in one place. This makes it easy for church partners to schedule and plan their events, and ensures that the Apollos platform always has the latest information. The Sardius content library integration also allows churches to store and manage all their video content, making it easy to access and share dynamically across Apollos apps, TV, and web.

Seamless Viewing Experience

The Sardius Media integration provides a seamless viewing experience for church members. The Apollos platform will pull in all the events and video content from the Sardius calendar and content library, syncing with the schedule. This means that members can access all the content they need in one place, without having to navigate multiple platforms.

Gain Insights into Your Audience

The Sardius Media integration also includes a powerful analytics system that provides valuable insights into the viewership of your livestreams and video content. This system allows churches to track the number of viewers, engagement levels, and more. Churches can also use the Sardius CRM to maintain a list of their viewers and users, giving them valuable insights into their audience that they can use to tailor their content and outreach efforts.

Partner with Apollos

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