How NewSpring’s Church App Received 1,300 Prayers in 72 Hrs

After launching the Daily Spiritual Habits feature, NewSpring saw over 1,300 prayers sent to their Apollos app.
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As a leader in the church, you’re most likely noticing the decline in physical church attendance on a Sunday-to-Sunday basis. Even people who would consider themselves regular attendees are showing up physically once or twice a month.

This doesn’t mean that they are any less invested in the church. But perhaps they are caught up in club sports for their kids, work schedules, and travel plans. The typical Sunday service is difficult to fit into a schedule that is now shaped by flexibility and convenience.

So, if churches can only reach a member in person with their teachings for one hour once a month, how can you extend that time? How can you encourage people to stay involved and maybe even show up in person more often?


Rather than hope people will return to the physical church, NewSpring Church is approaching this new reality as an opportunity. An opportunity to embrace technology and grow through their digital ministry.

NewSpring on Digital Strategy and Discipleship

Lead Pastor at NewSpring, Michael Mullikin, and Technology Product Owner, Frank Grand, sat down with us to share their insights on digital discipleship:

Michael and Frank approached digital discipleship with this question: “How can we get people the right tools and the right content at the right time to encourage an everyday relationship with Jesus?”

Digital natives coming up in the church expect to be served both physically and digitally. A digital strategy has better equipped NewSpring with resources to engage beyond their Sunday service – building community every day of the week.

How to Grow Church Engagement through Daily Spiritual Habits

NewSpring recently launched the Daily Spiritual Habits feature on their Apollos app. In just 72 hours post-launch, the app saw over 1,300 prayers sent to the app.

Here are more stats from NewSpring’s Daily Spiritual Habits integration:

  • People who use the NewSpring church app more than 5 days a week has doubled.
  • Engagement increased 100% on the first day Daily Habits were available compared to the average of previous Mondays.
  • Over 20% of users asked for prayer from the congregation via the app.
  • Over 75% of users read the daily scripture during the first 2 days.
  • Over 50% of users shared something they were grateful for.

The new Daily Spiritual Habits feature equips NewSpring with tools to help people grow in their spiritual disciplines every single day. Daily Spiritual Habits increases engagement rates based on three habit-building elements:

NewSpring is able to keep a pulse on engagement through a continuous flow of data through their mobile app – a new avenue to track engagement beyond Sunday.

“The Lord is using technology for way more than we would ever expect or imagine.” - Frank Grand.

See what Daily Spiritual Habits and other digital discipleship tools can do for your ministry. Schedule a chat with our team to get started.  

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