Research Says Churchgoers Value Time Alone With God

The study found that 65% of churchgoers spend time alone with God on a daily basis.
The Apollos Project

Spending time alone with God is a valuable practice for many churchgoers, according to a recent study by Lifeway Research. The study found that 65% of churchgoers spend time alone with God on a daily basis, with 44% saying they do so daily and 21% saying they do so more than once a day. The study also found that this time alone with God looks different for each person, but churchgoers are more likely to talk to God through prayer than to listen to Him through His Word.

Scott McConnell, executive director of Lifeway Research, said, "We see a pattern in Scripture of followers of God withdrawing to spend time alone with Him. Jesus Christ Himself also did this. Most Protestant churchgoers continue this relational interaction with God and use a variety of resources as they do."

So, how do people spend time alone with God?

In the study, around 40% of the young adults (ages 18-34) responded that they prefer to read Scripture from an app and were the least likely to read from a devotional book. Another interesting finding from the survey showed that those who attend church in-person only one to three times a month are more likely to read a devotional from an app than those who attend more often.

“Today’s Christians have more resources than ever to aid them in spending time with God and His Word,” McConnell said. “As new resources are created, they can encourage someone who, without that innovation, wouldn’t have spent time with God.”

Digital tools offer your church more ways to connect with your community, and connect your community to God.

Help your members spend time alone with God, digitally

The Apollos Project recognizes the importance of spending time alone with God and has designed a daily practice to help individuals develop this habit. The daily practice provides structure and encourages individuals to use a variety of resources as they spend time alone with God, including prayer, reading scripture notes, commenting on daily scriptures or devotional thoughts, and practicing gratitude.

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