Three Key Insights to Building a Successful Custom Church App

Three insights to build a successful mobile church app that will engage your members.
The Apollos Project

Mobile apps are an increasingly popular digital tool among churches to grow their reach and engage their members. But adopting an off-the-shelf app does not guarantee a return in value. Your church is unique, your members are unique, and your church app should be unique.

Here are three key insights to develop a valuable digital tool for your church.

1. Personalization of your church app content

People resonate the most with content that reaches them where they are at right now… not where you think they should be. App users should relate to the content they are being served, giving them guidance towards their personal next steps.

The ability for a church to disciple members on an individual level is one of the many benefits of investing in a digital platform. A church app can provide the appropriate resources at the right time to build spiritual habits for members.

Successful mobile church apps will allow users to privately track their spiritual journey and provide the appropriate next steps - salvation, baptism, further learning, group connection, etc. - and guidance to achieve those steps.

2. Community through authentic connection

Social media apps have made it easy, and normal, to connect with people from all parts of the world and walks of life. But are these apps the best way to build authentic connections? We believe churches have a unique opportunity to build meaningful online communities.

Church apps can encourage users to build deep connections with other members through engaging content. The Apollos Platform offers features such as small groups, prayer, and gratitude to provide a digital tool that gives members a way to get more involved with the church and the community.

3. Daily spiritual habits through your church app

Church is more than Sunday. God is working in our lives 24/7/365 - we should be working on our spiritual practices daily, too. A successful church app will establish healthy spiritual habits for users, connecting members to your church every day of the week.

When building features into a church app, it’s important to understand how habits are formed. Set specific goals, foster flexibility, make it fun to participate, and implement social sharing and social support to form healthy habits through the app. Daily prompts for journaling and learning, small group meetings, and scripture suggestions are a few ways to encourage habit formation.

Launch a church app with Apollos

The Apollos Platform natively integrates personalization, authentic connection, and spiritual habits into a simple yet dynamic platform. Through the mobile church app, churches can use their existing databases and content to create a digital space that people want to come back to each day.

Apollos connects your congregation through tools such as prayer, personalized next steps for spiritual growth, and scripture journaling that build empowering spiritual habits. The app is uniquely and intentionally designed so that everyone who downloads your church app, first-time visitors or involved members, become a central part of their church community.

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