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Designed to drive impact for the Church.

Apollos is a church-led framework that strikes a balance between effort and customization so that you can make an impact that is tailored to your ministries.

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It’s never been easier to build and own experiences designed for your congregation

Think of Apollos as building blocks your team can use to create experiences that bring people closer to Jesus and better connect them with your church. Our robust component library allows you to take ownership of what you create.

We made sure to build our framework in languages that your team will understand and that are already trusted by the top product teams in the world.

We've done the heavy lifting for you

Apollos is designed so that you can build anything on top of it, but we also provide robust features out of the box to get your church up and running quickly.


Robust content system

Flexible, extensible system for displaying any type of content to your users using a rich persona-based personalization system that can be used to segment any content.


Live Experiences

Adaptable live-stream integration for our universal media player along with rich in-person and remote viewing engagement capabilities

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ChMS Integration

Apollos apps offer simple login and onboarding while integrating all user accounts with your ChMS account system.

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Search Functionality

Apollos apps come standard with lightning fast Alogolia-powered search functionality so that you can help your users find the content that matters most to them.

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Daily Prayer

Help your community engage in prayer for each other daily. Create a sense of connection, help practice vulnerability, and ultimately help people grow spiritually. It’s Instagram Stories, but for prayer.

Mockup of the Apollos login screen

A framework to extend existing ministries

Persona-based personalization

Email + SMS onboarding

Search capabilities

Campus personalization

Community Event Calendars

Scripture Integration

Universal media player

Check-in wallet passes

Push notifications

Robust component library

Get your own app built on Apollos in 8 weeks

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